Lordy, There Are Tapes! Trump Called Apprentice Contestant The N-Word

There is even more evidence of former President Donald Trump being a rapist racist, and this time, Lordy, there are tapes. This latest evidence comes from a former producer of The Apprentice. Emmy-nominated producer Bill Pruitt says in a piece for Slate that his NDA just expired, so he’s spilling the tea. Of course, to some people, this won’t matter because that’s why they voted for him, but to decent people, this is another Access Hollywood tape.

Pruitt claims that Trump called former contestant Kwame Jackson the n-word. Omarosa Manigault’s name pops up, too, as Pruitt goes into detail about who should win that season out of two contestants. Bill Rancic or Kwame Jackson, the former of which later worked for the Trump Organization. Out of the two gentlemen, only one is Black: Kwame Jackson, and according to Pruitt, Trump used the racial epithet when describing him.

We lay out the virtues and deficiencies of each finalist to Trump in a fair and balanced way, but sensing the moment at hand, Kepcher sort of comes out of herself. She expresses how she observed Jackson at the casino overcoming more obstacles than Rancic, particularly with the way he managed the troublesome Omarosa. Jackson, Kepcher maintains, handled the calamity with grace.

“I think Kwame would be a great addition to the organization,” Kepcher says to Trump, who winces while his head bobs around in reaction to what he is hearing and clearly resisting.

“Why didn’t he just fire her?” Trump asks, referring to Omarosa. It’s a reasonable question. Given that this the first time we’ve ever been in this situation, none of this is something we expected.

“That’s not his job,” Bienstock says to Trump. “That’s yours.” Trump’s head continues to bob.

“I don’t think he knew he had the ability to do that,” Kepcher says. Trump winces again.

“Yeah,” he says to no one in particular, “but, I mean, would America buy a n— winning?”

Kepcher’s pale skin goes bright red. I turn my gaze toward Trump. He continues to wince. He is serious, and he is adamant about not hiring Jackson.

I think saying, “Prove it, bitch” doesn’t help your case.

And then there’s this:

The tape needs to be released if it exists. Americans are already well aware of what an appalling man Donald Trump is. But to have proof means that they can no longer deny it. It would mean that they are comfortable waddling around with vile, disgusting creatures, and it’s time to expose them. Also, the people who protected Trump while knowing this information need to be exposed, too. None of this is normal. Well, it wasn’t until Trump came along.

Update: Here are some receipts:

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