LOL Bannon And Kirk Want Mike Johnson To Resign, And So Soon

Those who say that Mike Johnson’s honeymoon didn’t last x-number of Scaramuccis have it all wrong.

When you marry the right-wing ecosphere, there is no honeymoon, honey. The high priest who married you, whether it’s Steve Bannon or Charlie Kirk or Matt Gaetz, ends the ceremony by blaming you for everything.

Grievance is the faith under which you wed.

And so Steve Bannon chats with Charlie Kirk about the betrayal of the continuing resolution to keep the government open, which, admittedly, was passed because Democrats know how to govern and actually want to. And Charlie Kirk gets on his “no holidays for Republican Congressman” horse, which is ADORABLE. They are there to raise money to pay for SUV’s and wine dinners. Like they’re gonna miss Christmas to WORK. As if!

STEVE BANNON (GUEST): Speaker Johnson has to do some real reflection, because if he’s not up to the task, I think the honorable thing for him to do is just resign if he’s not up to the task, to step into the breach, and be like, you know, be as close to Christ as possible and going into the temple and driving out the money changers –


Bannon: In our nation’s capital, then it’s time to be a man of honor, say, look, you know, I was a great constitutional lawyer, I fought for all these social issues, this is just too much for me, step aside and let’s get the next man up.

KIRK: I mean, I totally agree. And Steve, it’s just – we had all – it’s gone, by the way, we can lament all we want, the leverage is gone. We had this amazing opportunity where the regime had an ask, the regime had an ask, and their ask was a demand more than an ask right, Steve? We want time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, period. They showed their hand, we know what the old bulls wanted, we know what Hakeem wanted. We know what the bad guys wanted.

Rarely in a deal, Steve, and you’ve done huge deals – we’re out of time here – do the bad guys show what they want more than anything else and you can prevent it. So we could have just said you’re not getting that, you’re working every day, now to New Year’s. Scared yet? And yeah, it would have been warfare. But guess what? The country’s collapsing. Instead, Mike Johnson said, here you go, Chuck Schumer, would you like me to polish it for you? How can I – how can I help you, Chuck Schumer? And that’s exactly what we get now with Speaker Johnson.

And then, Charlie Kirk adds this chef’s kiss coda: “In some ways, what Speaker Johnson is doing is even worse than McCarthy.”

I can’t wait for Speaker Hakeem Jeffries. And the thing is, neither can Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon. Because being in the opposition for Team Evil? Brings clarity and money.

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