Leslie Marshall Calls Out Brian Kilmeade's 'Spin' On Trump Forgetting Who's President

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade was mocked by network contributor Leslie Marshall after he claimed Donald Trump can’t remember who is president because he still thinks Barack Obama is in charge of the country.

During a Sunday Fox News discussion about President Joe Biden’s age, Marshall pointed to a double standard.

“This week, I saw repeatedly, you know, video clip after video clip of Donald Trump’s talking about the current president, Barack Obama, who is the current president,” she recalled.

“Donald Trump keeps saying that because he believes Obama’s pulling the strings,” Kilmeade replied in defense of Trump. “I talked to him off camera about that, I talked to him on radio about that, I said, and I corrected him on the radio interview, please go back and listen. I said, you mean Joe Biden? He goes, no, Joe Biden, he’s convinced Barack Obama’s running the country. That’s why he says it. He wants you to think that.”

“Oh, Brian, come on,” Marshall exclaimed. “That’s good, that’s good. You should be his manager, his campaign manager. That’s a really good spin on that. No, that’s a good spin on that.”

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