Lara Trump Longs For The Salad Days Of COVID

Lara Trump, the new nepotistic co-leader of the RNC, made clear why she’s not qualified to lead anything other than her nose when she claimed Americans were better four years ago during the outbreak of COVID-19.

“And people look around and they say, ‘Am I better off now than I was four years ago?’ The answer to that is no,” Lara Trump said. “You can compare very easily how much better your life was with Donald Trump in office.”

In March 2020, diminished Donald Trump finally admitted COVID-19 was a national emergency.

Soon hospitals were overflowing with those stricken with the virus, Americans were dying from this contagion, medical supply shortages, and dead bodies were piling up as the whole country was rattled to its core. What followed was over 1 million Americans died from COVID while Trump hawked snake oil cures to the MAGA cult.

What a great time for the country. All we need is a Pirro ‘box-o-wine,’ a quart of bleach to drink, drink, drink, drink our problems away and make COVID go away.

This is what Lara Trump is bringing to the 2024 election. It’s a talking point now. And every single time they do this, we’re going to be here reminding everyone about the miserable and traumatic year 2020 was. We still haven’t recovered from it. It’s one of the reasons the mood of this nation is still sour. People are still dying from it. People are still suffering from long COVID. Until that year is reckoned with instead of simply being lied about, it’s going to hang over our national heads like a dark raincloud about to burst.

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