Kudlow: Biden Policies Are 'Racial Warfare Against White Folks'

Former Trump financial advisor Larry Kudlow used every MAGA lie there is to describe Biden’s economic policy before finishing by claiming it’s racist against white people.

So, yes, Biden is proposing a five trillion dollar tax hike overall, which will punish the economy and raise the inflation rate. But when you look under the hood of this tax policy goals, you see class warfare, you see diversity, equity, and inclusion, you see racial warfare against white folks and especially successful white folks. This left-wing socialist woke approach is absolutely antithetical to traditional American values, and the traditional ladder of opportunity that is color-blind, and has made America the strongest country in the world.

Who knew corporations were only made up of straight white Christian males?

Kudlow infamously claimed in March 2020 that Covid-19 was totally controlled and not a thing to worry about.

In his history he’s been wrong about almost all of his economic positions. His go-to solution to every problem under the sun is to cut taxes for corporations and the very rich.

Now Loopy Larry is claiming raising taxes is racist against white people. How does this man still have a job in television? Oh, right. He’s part of the MAGA cult collection of Fox News programming.

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