Kristi Noem's Audition For Veep Is Also A Dentist Informerical

I did not expect to write THIS ONE today, folks.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, universally acknowledged to be on the short list for Trump’s vice president slot, posted to her socials today.

Touting her policies? Building up her conservative cred? Even praying to White Jesus for more tax cuts would be understandable given her party.

NOPE, she’s doing a literal infomercial for her cosmetic dentist, who practices not in South Dakota but in Sugarland, Texas.

Fun fact: Googling “cosmetic dentistry South Dakota” yields 2,940,000 results.

Twitter wants to know if she got free veneers for her video or if she’s simply auditioning in the best possible way for Trump by going full “Apprentice.”

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