Krazy Kari Lake On Isis: Thanks, Obama!

Cuckoo Kari Lake, the person who’s too crazy even for Arizona, is now an expert on international terrorism. She just explained on Newsmax how Obama is responsible for the creation of ISIS:

“You know, he was behind ISIS. He didn’t do a darned thing to wipe ISIS off the planet. He ignored the threat of ISIS and you could say he was behind the creation and actually elevating of ISIS, and thank God for President Trump to go in and wipe out ISIS and do it quickly,” she said.

(Oh yes, thank God for the mumbling, confused fool who brought us heaven on earth.)

“And Obama is responsible for terrorism around the globe with the funding of Israel. And so to watch him, in such a weakened state–I look at this guy and I think, how on earth were so many people tricked by him? This is a guy who really should either keep his mouth shut over this because he is to blame for much of the problems, or he should apologize for what he’s done to embolden terrorists around the globe.”

My head hurts from banging it against the wall. Yes, the commander-in-chief who oversaw the bin Laden raid that took out their chief did nothing to stop the rise of ISIS, except get al Qaeda out of the way.

And I seem to remember George W. Bush was president during the 9/11 attacks.

By the way, ISIS is still operating, Kari. Trump didn’t wipe it out. But you knew that, right? You’re just a desperate hack, spewing whatever you think will get your social media numbers up.

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