Kevin Sorbo ‘Read On The Internet’ 800,000 Terrorists Entered US Last 3 Yrs

It’s not exactly a shock that D-list actor Kevin Sorbo is also a D-list pundit. But he may have outdone himself with what he tried to pass off as analysis of crime in the U.S.

Ignoring or maybe just ignorant of the fact that violent crime and migrant crime have declined, Sorbo joined the right wing chorus of lies that the U.S. is little more than a crime-ridden hellscape. “We gotta fight back because look, we gotta take our cities back,” he declared. According to Sorbo, cities (read Democratic strongholds) “let people shoplift, let people attack people, you know, and beat them up and put them in, then you arrest them and let them out the next day anyway to go do it again.”

“It’s insane what we’re doing to defund the police,” he said. “None of this stuff makes any sense in our country.”

It doesn’t make sense because it’s not true. Besides the fact that crime is down, many cities have increased police funding, not defunded law enforcement.

But you know who is really trying to defund law enforcement? Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson. Fox News probably isn’t talking about that so how is Sorbo supposed to know?

Then again, Sorbo doesn’t just rely on Fox News. He reads the internet! Thanks to some rando on the internet, Sorbo “knows” that it’s just a matter of time until we “have a worse than 9/11 experience in every major city across this country,” he continued, because of the terrorists flooding across the border.

“From what I’ve read, and I don’t know where these sources came from, I read on the internet, they – they’re estimating 500 to 800,000 terrorists have come into this country over the last three years,” Sorbo announced.

I’m pretty sure that if that were remotely true, Fox News would be screaming the statistics 24/7.

But while Sorbo is rooting around on the internet, he really ought to check out the tough bipartisan border bill that Republicans had demanded until Donald Trump told them to ditch it for the sake of his election prospects.

What’s really insane is Republicans fear mongering about crime and the border while they refuse to work on solving the problem.

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