Ken Buck Says He Left Congress Because He 'Couldn't Tell The Lie'

Former GOPer Ken Buck told Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Monday that he left Congress because he “couldn’t tell the lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. Via Mediaite:

“I think the problem right now is everybody gets their news sources in silos and they just keep getting reinforced with certain ideas,” Buck told Stewart, before recalling, “I went to a neighbor’s house the day after the 2020 election, their flag was upside down.”

“You live next to the Alitos?!” Stewart interrupted as Buck and the audience laughed.

The former congressman continued, “Close. I knocked on the door and asked them, ‘Your flag’s upside–” I thought they made a mistake!”

After Stewart asked, “Do you miss Congress in any way? Do you feel it was a job left undone for you?” Buck, who retired from Congress in March, replied, “I left because I couldn’t tell the lie. 2020 election wasn’t stolen. The January 6 defendants aren’t political prisoners.”

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