Kellyanne Conway Fears MAGA's Obama Conspiracy Theory Will Backfire

Fox News pundit Kellyanne Conway worried Sunday that a conservative conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was running President Joe Biden’s White House would backfire and bolster the Democratic vote.

In an interview on Fox News, Conway reviewed some of the jokes about Biden from Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner.

“Let’s go through some of my favorite, greatest hits when they said, hey, we can we’re looking for the strings of Barack Obama pulling your strings, I mean, thereby making fun of the fact that Joe Biden can’t stand alone,” Conway said.

“But I do worry, by the way, that that becomes a positive if lots of Americans who are fence sitters between Biden and Trump friends, if they say, well, if I think Obama is really running the White House, running Washington, running the world, I’ll feel better about that,” she continued.

Fox News host Will Cain said he had never met a Biden voter who was willing to switch and vote for former President Donald Trump.

“Kellyanne, is there such thing as a fence sitter between Joe Biden and Donald Trump?” Cain wondered. I mean, when I look at this election, I don’t I’m trying to think anecdotally, Kellyanne… if I know anyone who said, yeah, I voted for Biden in ’20, but willing to vote for Trump in 2024, or is it just an enthusiasm election?”

Conway argued that Biden may have a lower turnout than in 2020.

“That’s been a challenge for him in the polls so far,” she said.

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