Jesse Watters Is First Outta The Gate Blaming George Soros

Fox News’s Jesse Watters is doing the job Fox pays him to do, flipping out over the 34 guilty verdicts handed down in Donald Trump’s hush money/election interference criminal trial. Remarkably, Trump, as narcissists do, blamed Democrats for the exact thing that he did when he interfered in the election. Trump knows what he’s doing. Hillary Clinton knew what he was doing. But to those who think that the twice-impeached bazillion times indicted former president who was found liable for sexual abuse and cheated on his wife right after she gave birth is a stellar human being, then all of this is a surprise. Not so much for the rest of us, though.

Cue: Jesse Watters and guest Brett Tolman (former attorney) discuss J. D. Vance’s call for an investigation if Trump is elected.

“You heard J.D. Vance, I don’t know, about 15 minutes ago, say that if Trump is reelected, there needs to be a full investigation of this case: the judge, whether he had any connection to the Biden administration — we know there was a Biden administration connection with the lawyer, Colangelo, doing the prosecution — whether Soros was involved in any way, and just how crooked this whole show trial was. Do you support that? And what else is there to do?” Watters asked Media Matters reports.

Note: It’s way too early for the drinking game, but he pivoted to George Soros, so I’ll take one for the team. DRINK!

“Jesse, I support full investigation of what happened here,” Tolman said. “We still don’t know what went on behind the scenes. But I support something else. I support the gloves coming off, conservatives that are in office punching back and punching hard.”

Note: Are you also picturing Trump’s tiny little hands in boxing gloves? Adorable!

“Now, they’re not going to stop. You know, a bully doesn’t stop coming at you until you hit him hard enough in the nose,” the tough guy added. “Prosecute some of these political people that have committed crimes on the other side of the aisle and they’ll start to think twice about using this kind of tactic in the future.”

“All right,” Watters says. “We’ll see if Republicans follow that advice.”

They aren’t coping very well at Fox News.

Trump’s whole campaign is based on retribution. This is nothing new. Law and order, Jesse. Remember that? That applies to convicted felons, too. GFY, Fox News.

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