Jesse Watters Horrified His Mom ‘Dancing’ After Trump Convictions

Jesse Watters is known to have a Democratic mother who often chides him for his politics. After Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies this week, she gave her son just the kind of ribbing all Fox News Democrats should take a lesson from.

WATTERS: My mom is celebrating. She texted me that she was dancing after the verdict, dancing. And then she kept all day sending me 34, 34, 34 felony counts. … She’s a grandmother. She’s a grandmother! Get it together, Mom!

Watters had a liberal upbringing that included being sent to Quaker schools. So it’s no wonder she’s appalled at her son’s politics.

I have an idea: How about swapping out MAGA toady “Democrat” Harold Ford Jr. with Jesse’s mother on The Five? Or, better yet, make her a cohost on Watters Primetime. Yes, I know that will never happen. But a girl can dream!

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