JD Vance To Wolf Blitzer: 'Trump Supporters Are Not Violent People'

The violence that broke out on January 6th affected all of us. We saw the extremes the other side was willing to go to to protect the murkiest, most racist, and most self-serving swamp creature to ever live in the White House.

After Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, he stopped calling her corrupt. Now he calls her “Beautiful Hillary,” and he calls Joe Biden “corrupt.” But it’s Trump, not Biden, who will be sentenced after being found guilty of his crimes in the hush money/election interference trial. Trump is now a convicted felon. We’re just waiting for him to call Biden “Beautiful Joe.”

Ohio Sen. JD. Vance tapdanced his way through an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, going as far as to claim that Republicans “are the party of law and order” and claimed that “Trump supporters are not violent people.”

“I want to live in, not in the United States of America that I know and love,” Vance said.

“So you don’t want to live in the United States?” Blitzer asked.

“I don’t want to live in a New York sham prosecution,” Vance insisted. “I would not live in New York state right now. Absolutely I wouldn’t, Wolf, because what New York has showed (SIC), and what frankly the Biden administration has showed, is that if you don’t do exactly what they want you to do in politics, they will try to use our system, bipartisan system of law and order, to throw you in prison.”

“It’s so disgraceful, and I think every American, whatever their party, should be worried about this,” he continued.

“How worried are you that there could be violence emerging from all of this by Trump supporters?” Blitzer asked.

This is called gaslighting:

“Not at all,” he said. “Donald Trump supporters are not violent people. You live in a country of 330 million people. Of course, some people are going to do some bad things.”

Note: Hahahahahahaha!

“But if we want to get back at the New York sham prosecution, my message to every Trump supporter is go to DonaldJTrump.com, volunteer, support him, and vote in November,” the Ohio Republican said. “The only language that these people speak is power. We’ve got to win the presidency, Wolf, and save this country.”

“Weren’t Trump supporters involved in the January 6th violence at the U.S. Capitol?” Blitzer asked.

“Wolf, a few people were violent, certainly, but I don’t think the majority of Donald Trump’s supporters are violent because you had a few people get violent on January 6th,” Vance said while his pants caught on fire.

“So your message to Trump supporters in the aftermath of these convictions is what?” Blitzer asked.

“My message is don’t get angry, don’t get depressed, get even,” he said. “Get involved, and let’s win this election because that’s the only way to actually fix this country and to save it for the American people.”

“And you want to be his running mate?” Blitzer asked.

“I want to help Donald Trump however I can,” Vance said.

What felony did Democrats invent?

Sometimes, it’s hard to write serious posts without laughing through them. This is one of those times. I’m hoping that Trump supporters will start to come out of the fog. Trump looked like a man in decline today as he spoke with reporters, rambling on to air his grievances, sounding like a drunken uncle from out of town that you’ve been avoiding for years. Indeed, they can’t still be buying what these carnival barkers are selling, right? RIGHT?


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