JD Vance Tells HUGE Lie When Asked Of His 'Biggest Accomplishment'

If your boss asked you what your most significant accomplishment on the job was, and you mentioned someone else’s work that you refused to help them with, you’d be fired. Well, Republicans have repeatedly highlighted funding that their cities/states have received from the infrastructure bill that they voted against. This keeps happening.

The “Hillbilly Elegy” author and Ohio Senator, who once called Trump an “idiot,” among other things, sure knows how to spin some tales. As one of his most significant achievements, Vance noted on “Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan.” funding for the Great Lakes that was part of the infrastructure bill he voted against. These people are shameless.

“Senator, you are, as everyone knows, on this very short list of potential running mates for Donald Trump,” Brennan said. So, for our viewers at home, you are 40 years old.

“You’ve been in the Senate for less than two years,” she continued. “You haven’t held elected office before this. If you are selected alongside a nominee who is 78 years old, you will be a heartbeat from the presidency. What do you think your biggest accomplishment in the Senate has been to date?”

“Well, Margaret, again, I’m not running for vice president,” Vance insisted. And it’s important for us to remember that Donald Trump has been a very good president. He will be a very good president again.”

“I think, in some ways, these vice presidential conversations serve to distract from the fact that we have,” the Ohio Republican said. “Donald Trump as president was a success. Joe Biden, as president, has been a failure.”

“Let’s get back to success,” he continued. “Let’s get back to peace and prosperity. My attitude on the vice presidential thing, Margaret, is, look, if he asks me, I want to help him. And, of course, I would be very interested in the job.”

“But you ask, what are my accomplishments in the United States Senate?” he said, finally getting to the question. “In 18 months, Margaret, we’ve done a lot of good work for our constituents.”

“We’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars to the Great Lakes,” he said. “We’ve done a lot to help the people of East Palestine deal with the terrible train disaster. And, of course, we’ve done a lot of work on making sure that Ohio has gotten defense resources that make not just Ohio but our country stronger.”

“So there’s a lot we can hang our hat on,” he added. “But I like being a senator. I’m not trying to leave the United States Senate.”

Sure thing, buddy. Biden has been a “failure” in expanding the GDP to 3.1%, with historic job numbers, including from the infrastructure bill Vance voted against. And with those job numbers, the Black unemployment rate is lower under Biden than any other administration. Oh, and the stock market the felon used to brag is at a record high under Biden.

Cry more, you lying fuckwit.

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