It Looks Like Letitia James Has Already Started Putting Liens On Trump Properties

Guys, it looks like Letitia James has already set the wheels in motion in regards to Donald Trump’s massive $454 million judgment and she is not waiting until Monday. The Daily Beast is reporting that James has “effectively has liens placed on his massive, forested estate north of New York City” according to public records and comments from court clerks. The properties that have had liens placed on them include Seven Springs – a 212 acre resort type property. All liens, so far, are in Westchester County, which is just North or New York City.

Although Trump has until Monday, March 25th to post bon and appeal the case, James did not wait to file these liens. In fact, records show that she filed the judgment in Westchester on Wednesday, March 6th – a full two weeks ago!

So what does this mean? It was filed as a “blanket lien” which means that “if Trump tries to sell any property in Westchester County, a title search will reveal that there is a half billion dollar judgment hanging over his head.

Chris Hayes covered this at the very beginning of show in even more detail. He opened by recounting a hilarious joke that President Biden told at one of his events in Houston, Texas over the weekend.

Biden said: “I know not everyone is feeling enthusiasm. The other day a defeated looking man came up to me and said ‘I’m being crashed by debt. I’m completely wiped out. I had to say ‘I’m sorry, Donald. I cannot help you.”


Moving onto Broke Donald, saying: “He has four days remaining to post the bond covering the massive amount and he has to do it by Monday, March 25th in order to avoid paying the actual judgment while he appeals… his lawyers claimed it was impossible to do so and that he had been rejected by more than 30 companies.”

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Where does Trump hope to go? Hayes explained that “Trump is hoping to basically be bailed out by the appellate court. His lawyers are pushing for them to intervene and come in and basically say he does not have to pay, Claiming in a letter today that having the bond would cause Trump irreparable harm.”

So what happens if he cannot secure that bond or if the appellate court doesn’t intervene? Well, on Monday Letitia James can start seizure. Hayes explained:

“If he cannot secure the bond by Monday. The wheels are already in motion in the State of New York for the start to seizing Trump’s asset. Bloomberg News reports that New York Attorney General, Letitia James, has formally registered the $454 million judgment against Trump in Westchester County north of New York City where Trump owns two valuable properties.

Quote, It will allow James to more easily secure the liens should she decide to do so on the Trump National Golf Westchester and the mostly undeveloped 212 acre Seven Springs Estate. a large gulf course, a 101 foot waterfall, 75 thousand square foot clubhouse. The town has valued the property at $15.8 million, which is in the grand scheme of things, not a ton of money.

The Seven Springs Estate was a major focus of the case, ironically or not. This judge ruling that Trump wildly inflated its value. In 2015, the property was appraised for $56.5 million. Trump claimed it was worth as much as $291 million.”

And the best part? James is not limited to New York. Hayes reminded everyone that she could go after Mar-A-Lago, his Doral golf course in Miami, his golf course in L.A. and pretty much any other Trump properties.

Broke Don, you in deep, deep trouble.

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