Is Trump A Fascist?

Is Trump a fascist? Robert Reich and Heather Lofthouse discuss the parallels between Trumpism and Fascism on his podcast “The Coffee Klatch with Robert Reich.” The Former United States Secretary of Labor and Lofthouse of Inequality Media Civic Action examines the parallels between Nazism and MAGAism.

The media doesn’t use the “F-word” or fascism when it comes to Trump and MAGA. But the stakes of the 2024 election are too high to ignore what we are seeing with our eyes and listening to with our ears.

Reich writes, “With the election less than five months away and Trump escalating his fascist rhetoric and signaling his intent to use federal troops to round up undocumented people inside the United States and put them in camps, we felt it important to show the close parallels between Trumpism and neo-fascism.”

Project 2025 is keeping Americans up at night, but many people aren’t aware of the Republican plan to end Democracy. Reich notes that the “F-word” is a good description of Project 2025. Reich said, “I mean, Project 2025, right? This document, this manifesto that Trump and, let’s be clear, a number of his policy writers and speech writers have put together, says, I will use the military like it’s going out of style whenever I want, basically, right? That is a fascist.”

In the words of my Texas-born father, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck…it’s a duck.” Sometimes, the simple answer is the right one. It’s not dramatic to call out Trump’s fascism; it’s just common sense.

The episode of Coffee Klatch is 30 minutes long and worth watching, listening to, and sharing with friends. Listen to “The Coffee Klatch with Robert Reich” or watch the pod on YouTube.

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