Is This The Work Of Dark Brandon Or Just Poetic Justice?

During the midterm elections, the RNC opened up a new minority outreach center on the south side of Milwaukee. However, after the elections, they closed it up. RNC officials said that they were going to definitely open it back up for the 2024 elections. But after Trump became the presumptive nominee and the shake up in RNC top officers, the RNC quietly decided they weren’t going to reopen the center after all. And then the story really gets delicious:

New tenants took over the building in Milwaukee’s south side Lincoln Village neighborhood last June after the RNC declined to renew its lease, a real estate representative for the building’s owner told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week. And the new occupants have plans to open an ice cream shop at the location sometime this spring.

Now, it could be just karma delivering some poetic justice right before Wisconsin holds its presidential primary on Tuesday.. However, Dark Brandon’s alter ego, President Joe Biden was in town just a week or two ago. That could have just been coincidence, but I’m not willing to rule it out.

To add to the suspiciousness of the situation, the Biden campaign couldn’t resist but taunt the Republicans with the news:

This morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel scooped some big news: Trump and his MAGA allies have already abandoned minority outreach efforts in Wisconsin. The RNC has officially closed their Milwaukee community center and the space will soon be filled with an ice cream shop.

While Donald Trump pulls out of Milwaukee, the Biden-Harris campaign continues to highlight President Biden’s work to lower costs for families and bring Black unemployment to a historic low. For the first time in over 20 years, the Wisconsin Democratic coordinated campaign ​​working to reelect President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot this November will be headquartered in Milwaukee, demonstrating a clear commitment to Black voters, and the President recently visited the state to highlight his work to reconnect neighborhoods along the 6th Street corridor that have historically been left behind.

The only thing that would make it funnier is if the Biden campaign gave out certificates for a free ice cream cone during the RNC convention, which will be held in Milwaukee in July.

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