Is Hollywood Taking Down Trump?

Times are changing. And with it, Democrats need to employ some new strategies! Here’s a fascinating– as well as engaging and surprisingly funny conversation–based on a Newsweek piece written by Matt Robison, former congressional staffer and campaign manager, and he brings the receipts to back up all his points.

Robison talks to radio host Matt McNeil about how 30-second ads don’t work as well anymore, and we need to reach people more effectively and with better messaging. Well, who to turn to when you need to be more creative? Why, those damn Hollywood liberals, of course! A fascinating discussion on how Democrats can do this more effectively, more efficiently and get better results. Times change, technology changes and how we consume information changes.

Maybe we can put Christopher Nolan to work. A few other interesting names also come up in this interview. Watch the video! And then SUBSCRIBE to Cliff’s Edge on Youtube for more content like this.

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