Hunter Biden's Wife Unloads On 'Nazi Piece Of Sh*t' Trump Ally

Hunter Biden’s court proceedings are nothing like Felon 45’s. For example, the President’s son is not being coddled for who he is. On the contrary, he’s being hammered because he is Joe Biden’s son. There are things I don’t like about Hunter Biden, but none of them concern his addiction or his gun charge. I, too, was an addict. Oddly, Trump supporters will demean Hunter after he overcame the disease of addiction while ignoring Don Jr., a human 8-ball that does podcasts while he’s high as a kite.

And then there’s the laptop. Former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, who has been in the courtroom for no understandable reason, was the fucknut who was part of an effort by people in Trump’s orbit to make public the contents of the dubious laptop to embarrass Biden’s son during the final days of the 2020 election.

The President’s son’s wife, Melissa Cohen-Biden, confronted Ziegler and didn’t hold back. I think I love this woman. It’s OK. It’s Pride Month. We are all gay now. I need to explain this to my Honey somehow.

NBC News reports:

Hunter Biden sued Ziegler and the company he founded, Marco Polo, in September of last year, claiming they broke state and federal laws in an effort to create a searchable online database with 128,000 emails.

Ziegler has been in attendance both days of Hunter Biden’s criminal trial, where the first son is accused of lying on a federal form when he purchased a gun by saying he was not a drug addict.

While the trial was on break this morning, Ziegler and Cohen-Biden were both in the hallway.

Cohen-Biden approached Ziegler, pointed her finger at him and said in a loud voice, “You have no right to be here, you Nazi piece of s—.”

She then walked away. She eventually returned to the courtroom and sat back down in her seat next to First Lady Jill Biden.

Ziegler did not respond to her in the hallway.

Both the laptop and the gun charges have served to make public Hunter Biden’s longtime drug addiction and surfaced embarrassing episodes in his life. Donald Trump and his allies have repeatedly sought to attack Joe Biden for the actions of his son, mocking his addiction and painting him as corrupt.

A Fox News lady didn’t take the First Lady’s appearance at Hunter Biden’s court proceedings very well. That’s a shame, but deal with it, lady. The Bidens are family people. They’re letting Hunter know that he isn’t alone. That’s how it works. We realize that the right isn’t used to this, so they’ll always see a conspiracy in a family sticking together.

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