Humiliated Comer: 'Criminal Referrals' Instead Of Impeachment

Chairman James Comer told Newsmax this morning that he now prefers to refer the Biden impeachment case to the DOJ for criminal charges, instead of actually trying to proceed with an impeachment.

The Newsmax host was “curious to know” what he was going to do next after yesterday’s flop of a hearing.

“Where are you attempting to go at this point, Congressman?”

“Well, I want to hold accountability that’s what we said all along,” Comer responded.

Innuendo, criminals, liars, debunked witnesses and testimony are not evidence of any type of impeachment.

“So what is real accountability look like does it look like?” Comer asked. “Impeaching Joe Biden in the House and then the Senate, tabling it like they’re going to do with the Merrick Garland impeachment. Or does it mean providing real criminal referrals to the Department of Justice?”

“I think the latter,” Comer said.

Making criminal referrals is a joke, but Comer and Jordan are trying to save face to the MAGA cult. Chairman Comer and Jordan are only working for one narcissistic traitor and not the US,

MAGA Republicans are so desperate to try and soil President Biden with the same feces-laden rag that Trump has bathed himself in, they’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars and spent months and years trying to do Trump’s dirty work.

If anyone should be impeached it’s the Republican clown car Congress.

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