Hugh Hewitt Claims Trump Jury Verdict Just Like OJ Simpson

Right wing hyperventilation reached peak outrage when Hugh Hewitt claimed Americans are reacting to Trump’s trial verdict conviction just like when O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

This is balderdash.

Hewitt: I don’t want to underestimate how much Americans put in the idea that ours is a country of law and what they saw was not law.

It’s like the reaction after OJ was acquitted.

People were stunned. I think people are stunned at the conviction of Donald Trump for much the same reason. It’s just off the rails.

This is a complete lie. Most Americans believed that OJ was guilty of murder so his acquittal was earth-shattering at the time.

Most people believe Trump was guilty in his conviction which is not surprising.

Heather wrote about the bad polling for convicted felon Trump that came out after the verdict. Polling Doesn’t Look Good For Felon 45 Following Post-Guilty Verdict

Hewitt didn’t stop lying from there.

Hewitt: And so Robert Kennedy, a hardcore leftist, all the way over to libertarians who never liked Donald Trump, and indeed a lot of Hillary contributors, have made big checks out to Donald Trump.

This goes back to something that Kellyanne said. I was one of those people that thought Trump should get off of the ticket after the Access Hollywood tape.

I was wrong.

America likes people who fight back, especially when they’re getting clipped. And this is going to work for Donald Trump, I think, significantly.

Not one actual Hillary Clinton voter would ever vote for Trump under any circumstance and Robert Kennedy Jr is not representative of the left or the Democratic Party. He’s a vaccine denier with brain worms.

Hewitt is often wrong, but I agree that Trump does relate to OJ, at least as to their mutual callous narcissism.

This time he’s cringeworthy.

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