Hobby Lobby Dumps Hanukkah Items From Shelves

You may not have noticed it if you don’t frequent the craft giant, Hobby Lobby, but they have slowly limited the amount of Hanukkah items sold in their stores. They actually do not sell ANY anymore. Zero. Zilch. Not one dreidel. Not one menorah. Not one box of tiny candles. Not one bag of chocolate gelt. It is almost like Jews don’t exist to them.

The store is a well known Christian chain store, so it should not be super surprising that they don’t acknowledge any other religions besides Christianity, but how hard is it to have a small endcap with some blue and silver decorations, a box of gold bags of gelt and some candles? I mean, really. Even grocery stores, drugstores and big box stores dedicate 20 square feet to the Jewish holiday. And I should know – I am Jewish and buy my candles and gelt at either the grocery store, the drugstore or the big box store!

With the rise in antisemitic hate across the country, both before and after the horrific October 7th attack by Hamas in Israel, it is shocking to see a retail store continue to take a clearly anti-Jewish stance, but here we are. Customers have expressed disapproval, with one saying the company was “antisemitic.”

Hobby Lobby has over a thousand stores and is known for “promoting Christian values.” Their website claims they operate “in a manner consistent with Biblical principles” and that they focus on “sharing the Lord’s blessings with our employees.”

I guess that means ignoring other religions.

In 2013 it was reported that when a customer asked where the Hanukkah decorations were, a staffer told them “We don’t cater to you people.”

I mean, WHAT?

The President of Hobby Lobby publicly apologized. I am sure the employee just had to go to church on Sunday and repent and all was forgiven, even if the hate still remains in their heart.

Which reminds me, I need to add “buy Hanukkah candles” to my grocery list for this week! Those 99 cent boxes sell out fast.

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