'Hey, What's All This Lying Around Sh*t?'


PTSD is getting in the way of supporting our president. Not C&L readers, of course — I assume by now you already know not to panic. But PTSD consisting of every disappointing loss we’ve suffered in our lifetimes is paralyzing too many Democrats.

Joe Biden has one bad night, and according to the Village elites, the sky is falling.

The New York Times wrote an editorial called “To Serve His Country, President Biden Should Leave the Race.” First of all, fuck you, New York Times. Oh, and also, fuck you. Where was the sorrowful editorial telling the felonious fascist to drop out for the good of the country? You’ve spent months trying to convince voters Joe Biden is a doddering incompetent according to various anonymous gossips, and this is your big chance to prove you’re right, right?

“Hillary’s emails” all over again.

MSNBC was a mess today, too. I turned it off after five minutes. The only person I saw stick up for Uncle Joe Biden? Mika Brzezinski.

You know who’s standing by Joe Biden? The Lincoln Project. They’re former Republicans. They know when it’s time to circle the wagons and keep fighting.

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