Hey GOP, How Many House Speaker Ballots Will It Take This Time?

It’s less than eight months until Election Day, folks, and this is how House Republicans are behaving.

So not only is the Democratic caucus united AND successful in averting a government shutdown, Marjorie Taylor Greene decides that the last day before Congress takes their TWO-WEEK Easter Recess, she’ll drop a bomb.

Per Aaron Rupar, “Marge Greene claims incoherently that her motion to vacate is just a ”warning’ but also says it’s time to find a new speaker,” and then Marge “says we need a speaker that ‘knows how to defend America first and the values and the policies that President Trump will bring.'”

If they don’t lose their majority beforehand, Republicans should DEFINITELY pick Marge for speaker. You got that right: Crooks and Liars is 100% onboard with Marjorie Taylor Greene for House Speaker (if it can’t be Hakeem Jeffries right now.)

I repeat: Nothing will happen on this until they all get back from their two-week vacation.

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