"He's F-ing Weird." MUST SEE Montage Of Creepiest Crap Trump's Said!


~2 weeks ago, Trump gave an inane speech in like 412 degree heat in Vegas (8 people fainted, but somehow Jabba The Dolt didn’t) ranting about being on a sinking boat and having to choose between getting electrocuted or turning into a shark’s dinner. B/c this is what normal people do.

The man obsesses non-stop over water pressure in showers & flushing toilets, is attracted to his own daughter, thinks his makeup & hair look…good, gropes the American flag like he wants to hump it, puts ketchup on well-done steak (all of that is a crime against nature) & I could go on. Forever.

Donald Trump is Fucking Weird. Like so much about this garish ghoul, there’s so much wrong w/ him, just his unending creepiness is almost never discussed!

Well that changes now. I produced a video chock full o’ clips & convo about just how weird this MFer is. It easily could have been so. Much. Longer. But this does the trick, the kinda thing that makes wavering voters feel..pretty gross. So, please, watch & please share! And SUBSCRIBE to Cliff’s Edge for more content like this!

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