Heroes Of Russia's 'Special Military Operation' Eaten By Pigs

A problem farmer whose pigs often escape has finally been dealt with after several months by the local authorities. For several months, the pigs have been digging up and eating the fresh bodies of Russian soldiers sent to Ukraine. Besides the unseemliness of the desecrated graves, there is also the small matter that the farmer’s prized sausages contained traces of their former neighbours.

Source: Unian

In the Novosibirsk region of the Russian Federation, pigs are running away from the farm and tearing up the graves of the Russian occupiers killed in the war in Ukraine. This is discussed in the story of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to the story, “pigs-vandals” are terrorizing the residents of the village of Karpysak. They escape from the territory of the local farm and roam around. In particular, the animals took to digging graves in the local cemetery. Among others, the graves of Russian soldiers liquidated during the so-called SVO were also damaged.

The correspondent claims that pigs have been engaged in such vandalism for a long time. In the spring, the film crew already came to the village and filmed a story about it. But the farmer, from whom the pigs are running away, is in no hurry to solve the problem.

“I believe that you have a one-way channel. And live as you want,” the farmer told the correspondent who tried to get his comment.

Since the local rural council could not find legal tools to influence the pig farmer, it was decided to shoot the pigs that roam freely in the village: they say, the farmer still claims that his pigs have nothing to do with the pogroms in the cemetery.

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