Heritage Foundation Chief Celebrates His 'Bloodless Revolution'

Heritage Foundation chief Kevin Roberts celebrated the Supreme Court decision giving Trump immunity. Roberts said the country is “in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.”

Media Matters reported on the Heritage Foundation president’s interview on July 2. Roberts hailed the SCOTUS decision on the “Real America’s Voice War Room” podcast, and offered sinister soundbites.

Roberts continued, “In spite of all this nonsense from the left, we are going to win. We’re in the process of taking this country back.” You can read the whole interview over on Media Matters.

When Roberts says “the left” he means “anyone who doesn’t agree with our extremely unpopular world views.” The Heritage Foundation created Project 2025, the Christian Nationalist plan if Trump wins the election.

Project 2025

Only one in four Americans is aware of Project 2025, which calls for

  • National abortion ban
  • Taking away all forms of contraception
  • Making no-fault divorce illegal

The Dobbs Decision was only the first step in taking away our rights.

Project 2025 is the guide for turning America into a theocracy, but please about it for yourself. We created a Project 2025 resource page with the latest and best information about the Republican plan.
Please read and share:
Project 2025 Resources – https://bit.ly/45N0L67

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