Hannity: There Are Too Many Moderate Republicans In Congress

Get a load of this: Sean Hannity on his radio show.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What I most fear about this current Republican conference is there are way too many moderates that are part of the conference.

For example, Speaker Johnson tries to get a deal done — and Kevin McCarthy, I think in his own way, tried to get a similar deal done — as it relates to cutting spending and securing our borders. And you have moderate Republicans in these districts that Joe Biden won, so they’re going to have a very hard time of reelection, but they’re thinking about their reelection, and I think you should never make that a priority as a congressman or woman. However, it is making it nearly impossible for Republicans to unite behind what I think should be fundamental Republican principles about spending, about energy, about border security, et cetera. Am I right in my analysis? How — are there too many moderate RINO Republicans in the conference?

And to whom is he asking this POLICY, ELECTION question? A person who never has to think about either one.


Still, I have to agree with Sean. Get rid of the RINOs, and replace them with Democrats. And let’s be honest: There are NO moderate Republicans. Some are less radical, but none are moderates.

Sean, I’m sure you’ll have more content for your programming with a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries.

Listen below, via Media Matters

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