Hannity Suddenly Concerned That A President Said A Bad Word

After it was revealed what President Joe Biden calls his foul-mouthed, selfish, narcissistic predecessor behind closed doors, Trump promptly began fundraising off the news that Biden thinks Trump is a sick fuck.”BIDEN JUST CALLED ME A SICK F-WORD!” the fundraising email title read. It must have gotten under Trump’s fragile skin because Fox New’s Sean Hannity took issue with it as if he had no memory of the Pussy Grabber’s colorful language.

“in private, reportedly calling him a sick F-word and an F-ing A-word,” Hannity said while clutching his pearls. “And Trump isn’t the only one that’s the target of Biden’s ire.”

“Apparently, he has now turned on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who Biden is now reportedly calling, quote, a bad F-ing guy,” he continued.

Netanyahu is indeed a bad fucking guy.

“The White House is denying that report,” the Fox host said. “Regardless, it looks like Biden has given up on the charade of being that kind, likable, you know, gentle old man, like a grandfather figure.”

“He’s now fully revealing himself to be the arrogant, lifelong politician he’s always been,” he added.

Where in the hell has Hannity been? Biden is a “no malarkey” politician. And Trump has used foul language for years. Trump went as far as to launch a social site to demean his successor daily. There has never been a President who has gone to such great lengths to insult his successor publicly. He’s an anti-American piece of rotten shit who recently said in an interview that he wants to economy to crash on Biden’s watch. He’s not even hiding that he wants this country to fail because he lost the 2020 election.

Trump will burn the country down rather than see Biden succeed in bringing even more jobs to the American people. He is a sick fuck who was found liable for sexual abuse. And Sean Hannity is a whiny little titty baby.

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