Hannity And Ted Cruz Root For Terrorist Attack On US

Sean Hannity and Senator Ted Cruz engaged in hyperbolic hysteria about the border, claiming President Biden already has blood on his hands while almost rooting for a terrorist attack on US soil from immigrants.

Cruz and Hannity erupted over news that Biden is preparing to sign an executive order that would shut down asylum requests if the total exceeded 2500 a day.

Hannity faux fury raged as he read off a list of migrants coming into the country that read like a who’s who list of terrorists.

HANNITY: He has blood on his hands.

HANNITY: And when some of these people from either China or Russia or Iran or Syria or Yemen or Egypt or Afghanistan or Kazakhstan, you know, one of those terrorist cells, which I’m pretty certain are here, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

CRUZ: They are. They tragically are. And the FBI is telling us they’re here.

HANNITY: So it’s a matter of when, not if.

Yes. Tragically yes.

HANNITY: And how sad is that? Yeah, well, they’ll be a lot of dead Americans and they’ll have blood on their hands.

HANNITY: And you know what? It’s unforgivable. It’s a clear and present danger and it’s unnecessary.

Not if, but when.

Hannity and the MAGA cult are hoping and praying everyday for a bloodbath in America as they believe convicted felon 45 is going to jail.

Fuck you, assholes.

Republicans refused to negotiate the Senate border bill because they want to run on immigration. They caved to Felon45. Period.

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