Greg Gutfeld Projects, Calls De Niro A 'Self-Absorbed Prick'

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld became psychosexually creepy when he attacked actor Robert De Niro for not worshiping his Dear Leader in front of the Trump Hush Money trial courthouse.

Gutfeld tried hard to smear De Niro’s fame and career by making ridiculous jokes that amused no one.

I don’t know why it’s sad to see someone disagree with the plethora of Republican lawmakers who have come to New York and made specious claims and outrageous lies about the Judge, his daughter and the trial.

Trump trots his fat ass out every day at the courthouse and reads off MAGA propaganda trash penned by his paid sycophants when he’s not claiming the 2020 election was stolen.

You went from raging bull to raging wussy. Where’s your granny panties, dirty grandpa?

I’d wear a mask too if I owed that much alimony and child support. But he’s a perfect example of a half-opinion clouding out any reasonable solution whatsoever.

He’s never addressed the crime in New York as a real New Yorker, I haven’t heard it. Immigration, inflation, education, the debt, because he’s stuck in this emotional cage of his own making.

And it’s sad to see him go to a courthouse and rail against a person that he believes is Hitler.

How did you get to this point? He got high on his own stash.

And that stash was his projection of hate, emotion, despair, but I have a question for him.

Where do you go, no one’s asking this, where do you go from here?

Like, what’s next?

Let’s say Trump loses, loses the election.

Are you done?

I would say yes, because his hatred of Trump was a luxury belief.

You can endure the Democrat policies of crime, inflation, illegal immigration, war, because they don’t affect Robert De Niro.

What affects him, this incredibly wealthy guy who got a lot of tax breaks, was Trump’s impact on him emotionally. That matters more to all of those issues that I just mentioned.

The polls show that Trump leads on these issues, crime and immigration and the economy, but that doesn’t matter to him.

It’s his unhinged emotional tantrum that trumps all.

He’s the ultimate selfish, self-absorbed prick.


All Gutfeld and most of Fox News do is spew unhinged and emotional tantrums at windmills.

When has Trump ever uttered a sane and logical opinion on anything?

Jason MIller, one of the scum of the earth MAGA dwellers said this, Trump senior campaign adviser Jason Miller called De Niro a “washed-up actor”

Hey creeps, De Niro was just nominated for an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Martin Scorsese’s latest movie Killer of the Flower Moon.

What fucking idiots.

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