GOP Rep. Murphy Blasts MTG For Fundraising Off Speaker Motion

It’s been an especially bad week for House Republicans:

Friday was quite the finale to a few weeks of Freedom Caucus infighting. As House Speaker Mike Johnson continues to lose members of his slim majority to early retirement and with vacations on the horizon for the do-nothing Congress, Johnson mustered enough GOP votes to join Democrats and pass a funding package—despite the Freedom Caucus fuming about the deal and sending a letter urging their Republican colleagues to vote against it.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to thank Johnson by threatening to oust him from the speakership.

MTG’s stunt didn’t go over well, either: Rep. Matt Gaetz is not supporting her pending motion, saying that if Johnson is ousted, a Democrat would take his place. Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good told Fox News, “I don’t know anybody who cares about what Marjorie Taylor Greene says.”

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) went public against both Gaetz and Greene on Newsmax. He called Gaetz’s ouster of McCarthy “an asinine thing pushed forth” because of a personal beef. Then, Murphy said he had “sadly enough” just gotten a text from Greene saying she was using her ploy to fundraise. “The whole time he was creating chaos,” Matt Gaetz was raising money, too, Murphy added.

“This is not what it’s supposed to be,” Murphy continued. “This is not what adults in the room do.”

Did he only just notice that the Republican House is behaving so childishly and irresponsibly?

I hope he got a chance to see this:

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