GOP Plan Is Fascism No Matter What The Name Is

Donald Trump’s Project 2025 is a fascist plan on the Heritage Foundation website. On Trump’s campaign website the same plan is named Agenda 47. No matter what Republicans call it, they want to implement fascism and take away American rights.

For example, on Trump’s website you can watch a video that outlines “Agenda 47” educational programs. It’s an “educational” program along the lines of Hitler Youth. It’s the same playbook, different century.

The GOP and Trump are trying to dodge the backlash after more people started paying attention to Project 2025. Americans are not stupid. No matter what you name it, the Republicans and Trump want to have minority rule. Check out some of the “differences” between Project 2025 and Agenda 47. It’s still lipstick on a pig.


It appears I am not the only one who sees that Agenda 47 = Project 2025. The team from Meidas Touch:

Please read more about Trump’s Project 2025/Agenda 47. We created a Project 2025 resource page and share it everyone you know –

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