Give The Times A Cookie, They Finally Went After Trump

It seems to have occurred to the Times op-ed page that maybe this Trump guy is more of a danger to democracy than Joe Biden. Huh. Via the New York Times:

Next week, for the third time in eight years, Donald Trump will be nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for president of the United States. A once great political party now serves the interests of one man, a man as demonstrably unsuited for the office of president as any to run in the long history of the Republic, a man whose values, temperament, ideas and language are directly opposed to so much of what has made this country great.

However (and you knew this was coming), they did have to mention Joe Biden again:

The Democrats are rightly engaged in their own debate about whether President Biden is the right person to carry the party’s nomination into the election, given widespread concerns among voters about his age-related fitness. This debate is so intense because of legitimate concerns that Mr. Trump may present a danger to the country, its strength, security and national character — and that a compelling Democratic alternative is the only thing that would prevent his return to power. It is a national tragedy that the Republicans have failed to have a similar debate about the manifest moral and temperamental unfitness of their standard-bearer, instead setting aside their longstanding values, closing ranks and choosing to overlook what those who worked most closely with the former president have described as his systematic dishonesty, corruption, cruelty and incompetence.

That task now falls to the American people. We urge voters to see the dangers of a second Trump term clearly and to reject it. The stakes and significance of the presidency demand a person who has essential qualities and values to earn our trust, and on each one, Donald Trump fails.

Trump “may present” a danger. “May.” The man who gave info about our CIA agents to Putin that resulted in their deaths? The man who mishandled Covid and over a million people died? Yeah, you could say that.

You’ll notice there’s no mention of Trump’s probable dementia.

And now there’s this:

Way to go out there on the editorial limb, New York Times.

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