Game7 launches LootDrop with up to 2M tokens in prize pool

Game7, an on-chain gaming ecosystem which rewards players, announced LootDrop, a new reward system to engage gamers.

The LootDrop feature in the Game7 Portal is aimed at retaining players by rewarding them for participating in a game or a chain ecosystem over a multi-week period.

The first LootDrop campaign will take place over the next five weeks in collaboration with Layer 2 blockchain, Mantle, where players will complete new immersive gaming questlines, making them eligible for the up to two million $MNT tokens in a prize pool and special LootBoxes.

“With so many game developers launching play-to-airdrop campaigns and looking for new ways to acquire players, LootDrop is a novel feature that allows gaming communities to initiate extended rewards programs and engage users like never before,” said Game7 cofounder Jon Allen, in a statement.

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Mantle’s LootDrop in Uldor.

The LootDrop feature diversifies the quest lineup already available in Game7’s Portal, offering players access to some of the top games in the Mantle ecosystem and beyond. Each quest presents unique adventures that go beyond the original game’s boundaries, allowing players to earn progressive rewards and reputation that can be leveraged across various games an investment in their games, rather than a mandatory spend to keep playing.

“Joining forces with Game7 propels us to expansive, innovative capabilities in the Web3 gaming sector,” said Geezee, head of gaming at Mantle, in a statement. “This collaboration brings groundbreaking cross-chain functionalities to life, enabling unparalleled opportunities for player progression and community building.”

Mantle shares Game7’s vision for solving the existing misalignment between players and developers. It recently deployed fresh funding to its gaming partners, like Catizen, which reached over 15 million players in less than 60 days of launch.

Welcoming Mantle’s gaming ecosystem onto the Game7 Portal enriches the experience for existing players and attracts new ones. The newest launch of Mantle gaming quests features rewards in nine different games such as Atman Rebel Flame and Blade Games.

Since its initial launch in April, the Game7 Portal — featuring quests from Pirate Nation, Sorare, Gunzilla Games, Shrapnel, and Star Atlas, among others — has attracted over 20,000 users and distributed 4.5 million DGEN in prizes, rewarding gamers with game tokens, custom NFTs, experience points (XP) and more. Game7 continues to add fresh content to the portal regularly and recently partnered with Arbitrum for five exciting quests.

With the newest release of quests, players can earn their share of a prize pool worth up to two million $MNT and reap compounded rewards based on a dynamic leveling system.

Weekly multipliers increase based on a player’s level and engagement. The more a player interacts with quests, the greater their chances of earning the highest and most valuable rewards, including special LootBoxes.

Designed to be a one-stop platform, the Game7 Portal makes it easy to access an array of wide-ranging games, providing a unified space for discovery and interaction. It allows players and developers to share feedback and contribute to the development and direction of the Game7 ecosystem.

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