Fox News Smears Trump Trial Jurors With A Fake Facebook Cousin

On Fox News, uber Trump fanatic Pete Hegseth filling in for shitstain Jesse Watters pretended that a troll on Facebook could actually have been the cousin of a juror and claimed to know the verdict before it was handed down.

Not surprising, the Fox News host intentionally failed to mention the letter that the judge sent to both the defense and prosecutors made clear it was a phony. Instead they claimed they couldn’t be certain of the identity of the person.

MSNBC and others have identified the troll as “Michael Anderson” who said he is a “professional shitposter.”

The segment was labeled as a Fox News Alert.

We move on now to a Fox News alert.

Trump’s lawyers and the prosecution just received a letter from Judge Merchan, alerting them to a post on Facebook made before the verdict came out, saying, quote, “my cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted!!!!”

Thank you folks for all your hard work, four exclamation points.

The entire post, including the comment, has since been deleted. Fox has not confirmed the commenter’s identity. We just know the judge sent out a letter.

We don’t know if this guy was actually the cousin of a juror. This could easily be a prank.

Trump’s team told Fox they are looking into it. They’re investigating it. And we will have more for you on Monday. Don’t want to get ahead of our schemes.

Fox News could have easily obtained the letter since they contacted counsel, but that wouldn’t have been juicy enough.

The usual crackpots have no use for facts so they joined in.

Enter George Conway.

Oh look. He confessed.

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