Fox News’ Perino Reminds Pirro Trump Could Have Called Weisselberg To Testify

Fox News’ Dana Perino actually injected a bit of sanity in between the ramblings about Trump’s trial in New York from her fellow hosts on The Five this Wednesday.

Following Trump’s daily rant outside of the courthouse, Pirro immediately jumped to his defense, repeating his nonsense that he was treated unfairly because we didn’t hear from some witnesses that he wants to pretend were stopped from testifying.

Here’s how Judge Box-O-Wine started things out following Trump’s presser:

PIRRO: All right. There’s Donald Trump calling this a witch hunt and a weaponization of the judicial system. He apparently, Dana, was very upset about the fact that certain witnesses were not called. He said they’re viscous the people and what they’ve done to that person is outrageous. He is talking Weisselberg, Allen Weisselberg, the former CFO, who is under the prosecution’s control, who had material evidence, who would have said that Trump never talked to him about the vouchers, the invoice, or the drafting of the check.

Which was followed by Perino rightfully pointing out that the defense could have called him.

PERINO: It’s one of the big questions, right? Where is Weisselberg. If you are on the jury, you ask why didn’t we hear from him, but correct me if I’m wrong, but the judge asked both the prosecution and defense, do you want to have Weisselberg, and they both said no. So, maybe, Trump’s lawyers had a reason for saying that.

That didn’t stop Pirro from basically ignoring her, and pretending the prosecution had some sort of obligation to call him and ignoring the fact that Trump’s lawyers didn’t want him in there any more than the prosecution did because he was basically a wild card given the fact that he’d already committed perjury for Trump, and couldn’t be considered a reliable witness.

PIRRO: Well the defense has an obligation to call anyone. The burden of proof is on the prosecution.

PERINO: Okay… but they had the opportunity to bring him and they didn’t.

PIRRO: But they don’t have to. The burden of proof is on the prosecution.

PERINO: I’m just saying… okay.

PIRRO: There should have been an adverse witness charge that this guy was in the control of the prosecution at Riker’s Island, and you could assume that had the prosecution called him, he would’ve said something not beneficial to the prosecution.

Which is why they didn’t call him, but apparently Trump’s lawyers didn’t believe he’d be beneficial to him either. Which was followed by former O’Reilly stalker Jesse Watters complaining that they didn’t call former Trump body guard, Keith Schiller, who the prosecution didn’t trust to tell the truth under oath either, and calling the entire case “a joke,” before making this lame attempt to pretend Trump was doing this purely to protect his business “brand.” Yeah, sure Sparky.

WATTERS: Yeah, that’s why they didn’t call him, and that’s why they didn’t call Keith Schiller, the security guy who apparently took the phone call from Cohen, and was the big phone call that Cohen said “this is what I told Schiller, that I handled it for Donald Trump,” and Schiller could have just come on and said “no, we talked about the 14-year-old kid who was prank calling you, wanted me to call the secret service about it.”

This whole case is a joke. We have another overwhelming piece of evidence that Donald Trump was doing this not for politics, but because of his business. If you think about it, you know better than anybody Kevin, if you’re running a media conglomerate, you’re running a hotel chain, and you’re running these companies all over the world, in Muslim countries, in Europe and Asia, anything that’s bad news for you personally, is bad for the brand.

These people are pathetic. Trump’s lawyers could have called both of these liars to the stand if they thought either of them would have helped his case at all. Now Fox is using that as another excuse to pretend Trump has somehow been treated unfairly during this trial, when the opposite is true. He’s been given more courtesy and leeway than he deserves and he’s abused it every step of the way.

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