Fox News Inadvertently Proves Joy Reid Correct On Byron Donalds' Jim Crow Remarks

Fox News host Bill Hammer played video of MSNBC host Joy Reid’s confrontation with Rep. Byron Donald’s over his Jim Crow remarks and then played Donalds’ actual words which proved Reid’s point succinctly.

The point is that Donalds did say ‘Black America was better off in the Jim Crow era because they voted more conservatively and made it seem like Black families thrived under Jim Crow.’

Fox News played a video mashup.

Reid: Is there a specific period between 1867 and 1968 that you thought was this golden era for black families or a time that was good for black families?

Donalds: Joy, I never said that. And see, this is where the gaslighting comes in. All I was talking about was the marriage rates.

Reid: No, that’s not what you said. Let’s play what you said. Play what he said.

Donalds: You’re saying I said it was the golden era. I never said that.

Reid: You’re saying I said that it was better for black families.

Donalds: I never said that.

HEMMER: Yeah, well, that was something. That’s Republican Byron Donalds sparring with Joy Reed and other Democrats about remarks regarding Jim Crow and the era for African-Americans. A lot of liberals getting worked over the comment.

Watch here.

DONALDS: One of the things that’s actually happening in our culture, which you’re now starting to see in our politics, is the re-invigoration of black families with younger black men and black women.

During Jim Crow, the black family was together. During Jim Crow, more black people were not just conservative, because black people always have been conservative minded, but more black people voted conservatively.

Thanks, Fox News, for clearing that up, even if you tried to change the reality of his words playing a very short sound clip.

Under Jim Crow laws, Black families couldn’t frequent only white restaurants, hotels, buses, drinking fountains, and schools. A Black American couldn’t get a job as a school teacher, let alone be a Congressman from Florida. A Black American had to watch out where he or she looked for fear of getting beaten.

What an asshole.

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