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Fox News host Shannon Bream predicted that President Joe Biden would likely have a “huge win” if there were a second debate with former President Donald Trump.

Bream spoke to the hosts of Fox & Friends on Sunday about Biden’s poor debate performance.

“And the Biden campaign has said repeatedly over the last couple of days, we are definitely showing up in September, but always kind of adding this line,” she explained. “We’ll see what President Trump does, because I think that they know there’s a possibility that he says, listen, I’m going to, you know, in his parlance, I think I can hear him saying, I’m going to call the mercy rule. I’m not going to show up.”

Bream noted that the Biden campaign would press to move forward with a second debate even if Trump tries to back out.

“And remember, the very next day in North Carolina, he had this rally where President Biden was on,” the Fox News host recalled. “He was sharp. He was commanding. His voice was strong. He was clear with his thoughts, with his policies, with what he was saying.”

“It was such a contrast that if that’s the guy who shows up in September, listen, that would be a huge win for the Biden campaign because they’d say, look, this is the real guy,” she added. “He had one bad night. He was sick. You know, it’s ancient history.”

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