Fox News Host: Hunter Laptop Reports Would Have Saved 2020 For Felon45

Fox News host Emily Compagno claimed with hot air and a pocket full of fairy dust that if not for the suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Trump would have acquired 300K voters in all the swing states who voted against him in the 2020 election, and he would have won.

I wonder if the Fox News host got all excited after watching the movie 300, and hatched that insane scenario.

Payne: Well, they have to be worried about what else might’ve been on the laptop. So you had to discredit the laptop just so anything else that may have come out, you know.

Compagno: What I mean is the fact that, you know, this election was arguably won by about 300,000 votes across six battleground states.

At the end of the day, were 300,000 people persuaded by 51 intelligence agents signing that thing by Biden at the presidential debates.

You know how much impact did it have banning the New York Post from Twitter? I’ll bet you at least 300,000 people thought it was Russian disinformation because of those players.

I’ll bet Emily, that if not for the James Comey letter that was used by Republicans and Trump to lie and claim Hillary was being investigated again a week before the election, she might have won the 2016 election instead of losing by fewer than 20K votes combined or so.

How the f**k did she come up with 300,000?

How long did Rudy Giuliani sit on the data hacked from the laptop? Much of the data on the laptop has not yet been verified, but Fox News doesn’t care. The only reason they are focused on Hunter Biden is to yell laptop at all times.

I did get a kick out Harris Faulkner trying to smear every other network except Fox News as being corrupt.

Faulkner: And many of those Democratic television viewers are still watching the very networks that, you know, that manipulated the story and said it was Russian disinformation.

(At least she said “Democratic”)

Fox News was fined 787 million dollars for promoting the biggest conspiracy about the 2020 election, so why are people still watching their trash?

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