Fox Launches New Debate Conspiracy Theory: CIA In The Tank For Biden

Here’s the latest idiocy to come out of Fox anchor Jesse Watters’ pie hole. The CIA is supposedly out to destroy Trump and help Biden with the presidential debate.

Jesse Watters claims “the CIA has interfered in the last two elections” to hurt Trump and could “go for the hat trick” in 2024:

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Trump isn’t just going up against Biden this year; he’s going up against the CIA who’s lurking in the shadows trying to kneecap him like the last two times with the Russia hoax and the laptop letter. The CIA has interfered in the last two elections, which is illegal. Their charter prohibits them from conducting ops on American soil, so now, we’re finding out some of the 51 Intel officials cook up the Hunter Biden laptop letter were at the time on the CIA payroll, and the CIA director at the time, Gina Haspel, likely knew it was going on. Obama’s acting CIA director rushed the letter out before the debate so Biden could use it to discredit Trump’s laptop attack.


The agency’s wacked Trump twice in a row. What makes you think they won’t go for the hat trick? The media reports whatever the CIA leaks to them. The New York Times is deploying 29 fact checkers for this debate. 29. And we know the CIA has a history of infiltrating the press. The internet’s going to be a battlefield in the aftermath of the debate.

They’re still desperate to push the fairy tale that Russia didn’t help get Trump elected.

Watters followed up with a short interview with former CIA whistleblower, apparently now turned full MAGA apologist, John Kiriakou, who agreed with Watters that the CIA is going to come after Trump:

Watters again repeated his claim that Trump is up against Biden, the media, and the CIA, and warned viewers the trio will throw whatever they have at the former president.

“It’s up to you to be alert to their latest subversions,” he said.

Former CIA officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou, a counter-terrorism consultant, told Watters he also believes the CIA will again come after Trump. He pointed to the casting of Wikileaks as a Russian-front company and the release of founder Julian Assange.

“They do this all the time and this is part of the ongoing problem in CIA, in the intelligence community and in what we call ‘the deep state,'” Kiriakou said. “That is that these people think they are the smartest people in town. And that whatever they say should be believed. And it shouldn’t be.”

So here’s their newest excuse if things don’t go Trump’s way and there’s lots of negative coverage of the debate, and heaven forbid a lot of fact checking afterward. The CIA’s out to get him. Good luck with that one with anyone that’s not living in the right-wing disinformation bubble, Jesse.

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