Fanone's Mother Swatted After He Said Trump Has A 'Violence Fetish'

Former DC Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone, who was nearly killed by a massive, unruly mob trying to upset the peaceful transition of power at the U.S. Capitol, called Donald Trump “an authoritarian” who has a “violence fetish” outside of the former President’s hush money/election interference trial on Tuesday.

And, of course, to prove his point, it was just hours later that Fanone’s 78-year-old mother was swatted at her home in Virginia. This never happens with Biden supporters. Have you noticed that? We don’t idolize and worship him. We don’t have to protect him. He’s not a thin-skinned crybaby, that’s why. And this sort of thing will continue to happen until Trumpism fades away.

NBC News reports:

On Tuesday, a fake “manifesto” attributed to Fanone was sent to a number of email addresses, including some associated with a high school that Fanone attended for a year more than two decades ago. The “manifesto,” viewed by NBC News, claimed that the writer had killed their mother and planned to go to the recipient’s school Wednesday and shoot more people. It provided Fanone’s mother’s home address.

That night, Fanone told NBC News, his mother opened the door to law enforcement in her nightgown, “mortified” to find SWAT team officers at her home.

“How dangerous is it to send law enforcement to an address in which you essentially are describing an active shooter, in which the only person present is a 78-year-old f—ing woman,” he said. “This is the reality of going up against or challenging Donald Trump. … These swatting calls are incredibly f—ing dangerous, especially when the target is somebody like my mom.”

Fanone explained that his father was also targeted at his separate home address, but he was out of the country at the time. Imagine being so broken as to create a manifesto and attribute it to the man who was brutalized by Trump supporters, then send a SWAT team to his elderly mother’s home. What a brave individual to send a Swat team to an elderly woman’s home. I hate people. That’s why I have a cat.

Trumpism needs to die.

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