Dumb And Dumber: Vos Recall Part Deux

As previously reported, the group of misfit Trump supporters and election deniers who had unsuccessfully attempted to recall Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos threatened to make a second attempt even before the first one was officially declared dead. This week, they made good on their threat by filing signature pages for another go at it:

A group of election conspiracy theorists and supporters of Donald Trump seeking to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Tuesday submitted a new batch of petitions that they say contain enough signatures to trigger a recall election of the state Legislature’s top Republican after their first attempt failed.

Now, the group says they have more than 9,000 signatures, exceeding the required number by about 2,100. Wisconsin Elections Commission staff will now review the signatures to determine whether enough are valid − a process that turned up forgeries and other invalid signatures during the group’s first attempt.

“We didn’t spend a lot of thought or time strategizing on the first recall about how to prevent or how to block the recall process from being invaded or sabotaged by people who were not invited − those people who came from out of state,” said former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who is helping lead the recall effort. “When the sufficient number of signatures is validated out of this batch, Robin is going to lose the recall.”

The baffling part of this is there is nothing – not a damn thing – that the recallers can hope to gain for all their trouble. The state legislature is out for the rest of the year. They can’t reach their other objective of getting rid of Meagan Wolfe since she is protected by court order. And even if their recall is successful, it could be a moot point in two months.

Presuming there will be a need for a primary for the recall, the timeline would look like this:

  • Recall primary election: August 6
  • Regular fall primary: August 13
  • Recall general election: September 3
  • Regular fall general election: November 5

As the reader can see, this exercise of futility is nothing but a waste of time and money. Futhermore, they run the real risk of causing election fatigure among the voters. They would have been much smarter to find and run a candidate in the regular election.

But then again, Trump supporters have never been very smart or very sane to begin with.

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