Drunky Ronny Jackson Launches Misogynistic Attack On Karine Jean-Pierre

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who the Inspector General said engaged in inappropriate conduct, including berating staff, sexual harassment, handing out Ambien like candy and drinking on the job – went all in a misogynistic attack against the White House Press secretary on Fox News.

JACKSON: And why are we listening to this box of rocks who calls herself the press secretary talk to us about the president’s medical issues? Why isn’t Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who’s the appointed physician to the president, standing at the podium and answering questions from the press about what is going on with the president?

It’s KJP’s job to speak with the press, you f**king idiot.

Sen. Tester said Drunky McJackson wrecked a government vehicle while being drunk.

How about this episode, Doctor Feelgood?

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