Donald Trump, 'You Have The Right To Remain Silent'

Poor Donny Trump had a rough day Thursday. He had to have a story about how he used the N-word while working on The Apprentice disappeared by being found guilty on all 34 charges of his paying-off-the-porn-star scandal. Yeah, that’s a sentence I just wrote about a former U.S. President, which is all true. And he has a chance of being elected again.

Cliff Schecter spoke with Matt McNeil, host of a progressive radio program in Chicago and Minneapolis. I’m not gonna say they didn’t make any Lauren Boebert/Beetlejuice jokes (they did, and they were funny AF), but they also discussed what Trump’s overwhelming conviction means for his candidacy, the party he’s taken over like a cordyceps in “Last Of Us,” and how this mobster protection racket known as the GOP will behave going forward.

Cliff worked on numerous presidential races, most recently as an ad writer for President Biden in 2020, and has real insight–between the laughs–into how things could play out. Watch the video and subscribe to Cliff Schecter’s Youtube Channel, Cliff’s Edge, for more content like this!

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