Donald Trump Is PETRIFIED

Team (Traitor) Trump has been FREAKING OUT all week. They have claimed Joe Biden’s on performance-enhancing drugs. They got in a fight w/ Kasie Hunt on CNN, b/c their 12-yr old SpokesCretin wouldn’t stop attacking Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, and she was ultimately Gong Show’d off the broadcast.

Trump surrogates are rife with stories of Biden’s using everything from cocaine to chugging Mountain Dews like he”s Trump taking down KFC grease, in some Drago-like-program to turn Biden into a Frankenstein-ish hulk.

Why all the nuttiness, even beyond their usual? The fighting? The ridiculous Herculean stories about Biden? B/c they’re scared outta their minds, and I’m gonna tell you why. Watch my video, as I go thru all the lies 7 self-inflicted wounds that caused this. It’s too much fun, you’re gonna love it.

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