Dick Morris: Buy Shares In Newsmax, Trump Will Be Working Closely With Us

Well, you can tip Supreme Court Justices now, so why not sell shares from a network in return for access to King Donald Trump? Dick Morris, a Trump advisor, spoke with host Michael Grimm and discussed his Newsmax’s pre-IPO shares that are now available.

“Now, you were there at Fox from the very beginning, and now you’re at Newsmax. What happened?” Grimm asked, Media Matters reports.

“Yeah, well, I was — I feel like I’ve been had, you know? We were told that Biden was fine, that he would be able to function, that he was not mentally deteriorated,” Morris insisted. “And then we see him in this debate, and we learned that this was all baloney, that Biden is in terrible condition. He can’t function as President.”

“And then the media told us all about how, oh, Trump has no immunity from prosecution. He’s facing great peril. He might lose in the courts,” he continued. “And then the court has ruled that it’s fine, that he’s got conditional immunity. And I’m just tired of the mainstream media lying to me. And Newsmax is the only place where you can get the truth. Where you can get fair and balanced coverage. And if Trump gets elected, that becomes very, very important.”

He went on to call Murdoch a liberal.

“I was at Fox at the very beginning, literally the first day it was on. And it used to be an impartial station. Now, since Murdoch took it over and since he became a liberal, it’s his stamp is on it,” he continued. “And you can’t get accurate information there anymore, any more than you can get from the networks. So I was thrilled when I learned that Newsmax is having an IPO, which basically says instead of being owned by a corporate mogul or a corporation like ABC, it will be owned by you, our viewers. And the only string we’ll have is to you. And that’s great. And I jumped at it, and I invested my own money in it.

“It’s not just a great financial return because the network’s growing revenues are up 300 percent, but it’s a political imperative for us to support the news outlet that tells people the truth about our next president, about Donald Trump, and to not be caught up in the lies of the mainstream media,” he said of the felon, the most prolific liar that’s ever occupied the White House.

Grimm asked about his friendship with the ex-president and what he thought of Newmax.

“Well, he’s publicly said that it’s terrific. And he goes on a lot — and he really appreciates the fact that Newsmax is the only station that covers his campaign rallies,” Morris said. .”And as he saw in the debate, his views on issues are shaped by what he says in these rallies. And I think that he’s going to be working very closely with Newsmax because he has no choice. There’s no other network that tells people the truth about it.”

Morris said that Newsmax “overtakes Fox News,” adding. “I think that, you know, it becomes sort of the free equivalent of radio to Moscow. It tells us the truth in a way that — what’s really going on. And it doesn’t listen to the bias of the rest of the media. And I think that Trump is going to use it extensively to tell us what he’s thinking and, what he’s planning and what he’s doing. And I think that if you want to know what Trump is doing in the middle of this revolution of the country, you want to have access to Newsmax. And if you want to have access to Newsmax, you might as well own it because then you can make sure it’s honest.”

Selling access to a President, eh? Let’s make sure he never becomes President again. And saying Newsmax is honest is like saying that Trump is a stable genius. Neither of those things is true.

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