Dems Win Big, Cable TV Struggles To Cover Its Collective Ass

I told several people last night that the cable news lead this morning would be, “Despite Joe Biden’s unpopularity…” Turns out, I didn’t have to wait that long!

“The Democratic brand isn’t in trouble, Joe Biden is in trouble,” said David Chalian last night as one Dem victory after another rolled in. Obviously, that didn’t fit their narrative!

That’s CNN’s political director, right after they released another crappy poll showing Biden is losing to Trump. Momma4Obama1 responds on Twitter:

No the hell he isn’t. We are BIDEN DEMOCRATS and the sooner you and your Trump loving colleagues get that the better off you’ll be. Joe Biden IS the DEMOCRATIC BRAND! That’s why we are “Ridin with Biden” and love Dark Brandon!

The New York Times newspaper this morning:
President Biden is unpopular, but the winning streak for his party and its policies has been extended through another election night.

How good was it last night? Let’s see:

The big headline was, Gov. Andy Beshear won reelection bigly in Kentucky, defeating the Trump-endorsed Daniel Cameron by embracing pro-choice policies. He was helped along by this unforgettable ad:

Democrats won control of both houses in the Virginia legislature, crushing GOPer Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s strategy to wrest the Republican donors away from Donald Trump and position himself as the Republican nominee;

Ohio overwhelmingly voted to insert abortion rights into the state constitution but Republicans are already trying to figure out how to mitigate it:

Twenty MomsDemand gun control activists won:

Moms for Liberty were crushed almost everywhere. (I think they won one seat in a small district):

Democrat Brandon Presley lost by five points in Mississippi, but he had help from the usual GOP tactics:

And in PA, a pro-abortion rights judge Dan McCaffery widened the Dem majority on the State Supreme Court, knocking back a religious extremist anti-abortion judge.

A big fuck you to Donald Trump in NYC as one of the Central Park Five was elected to NYC council.

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