Delusional Trump Compares Himself To Elvis

Donald “Delulu” Trump posted a really weird photo on (un)Truth Social on Saturday night. It was a side-by-side mashup of half of his face and half of Elvis Presley’s and the caption read:

“For so many years people have been saying that Elvis and I look alike. Now this pic has been going all over the place. What do you think?”

Yes, Donald. You look exactly like Elvis. When he was bloated and fat and dead. Alive? No.

Twitter had SERIOUS thoughts:

Oh, irony…yes

I see this more

AI wins again

This account kills me

I seriously think this guy is losing it. This is not normal. This dementia rumor may be more than rumor. If my dad or grandpa was saying he looked like Elvis, I would be calling his doctor to get a neurological workup to make sure he wasn’t losing his marbles.

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