Deathbound, a party-based Soulslike, launches on August 8

Trialforge Studio announced today that its upcoming Soulslike title Deathbound launches on August 8 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The developer touts the game’s main feature as being its party system — while the game itself is single-player, it features a squad of playable characters who can take on the bosses, based on the five stages of grief, together.

Deathbound takes place in the world of Ziêminal, a post-technological world, and the city of Akratya. The party is made up of fallen warriors, and the player can switch between them to use their particular skills in combat. The squad itself is made up of four characters, but there are more than that from which to choose.

Each character had alignments in life that affect their abilities in death, and combining the powers of characters with similar beliefs can buff those characters (conversely, pairing those with conflicting beliefs can have negative effects).

Trialforge is a 20-person studio in Brazil, which aims to create a unique take on the Soulslike genre. Tate Multimedia is publishing the title. The Deathbound demo is available to play now on Steam.

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